Silverlight’s smooth Streaming – Increases the Popularity

“Microsoft’s Video Streaming  Development team reveals many secrets. One of the Interesting secret is Smooth streaming for Silverlight, really makes many things.. Interesting stuffs based on HTTP- adaptive streaming. “

They released a server side enhancements like Smooth Streaming technology for adaptive streaming with Silverlight to keep the video streams moving smoothly, and even enable DVR-like features in a live stream without requiring dedicated video servers, all so viewers can get smooth 720p throughout the event. Silverlight 3 beta, which promises support for up to 1080p resolution, native playback of MP4 formats like h.264 and hardware graphics acceleration.

See the live Streaming in Action…smoothstreaming


Read the complete press release from Microsoft.

Don’t forget to see the Architecture of Silverlight’s Smooth Streaming..


Killer for Flash, Silverlight and JavaFX is Coming ???

Hope you guys are playing and enjoying the features of Flash, Silverlight and JavaFX RIA platforms.

Leading RIA products – Adobe’s Flash,  Microsoft’s Silverlight  and Sun JavFX are in the big challenge with the stunning features of HTML 5 … World Wide Web (W3C’s) HTML 5 having lots of features are the big challenge for leading Flash platform.

The main feature is no Plug-ins for the browser, how ever the above RIA products requires Plug-ins or Add-ons. Also it is ultimately reduces the loading time of the browser, however Flash Plug-ins and Silverlight plug-ins are taking time to load the application and also it is need to be download and install from the web.


See the complete HTML5 features from Wikipedia and some cool site.

Let me share the HTML 5 features Supported browsers, some of these features are already supported by many browsers.


With this support and features, W3C are still developing more HTML 5 features to create the tremendous Web Platform.

Features of Flash versus HTML 5 comparison by Platform Evangelist Ryan Stewart.

Will these features kill the Powerful flash platform ??? Hmmm.. No chance…

Read the Adobe versus Open Web Article for interesting things

According to this article, HTML 5 will take some many years to reach the features of Flash.

Read the interesting article  Adobe’s view on HTML 5/

Adobe’s CEO speech on HTML 5.

Another interesting article which I like most is “Flash is the Reality; HTML5 is the Promise”. Read this article >>.

How Google is going to take this HTML 5 ?? Read another article … pretty interesting ..

Interesting Infoworld article :”HTML 5 could it kill Flash and Silverlight???”

What you guys are think about this Interesting Web WAR ?????

Cairngorm framework for JavaFx

Hi JavaFx fans,

This is the interesting and good news for us. We have Cairngorm framework for JavaFx too, it is exactly what we have it for Flex development. It is named by Cairngorm-FX. Surely it will help us to increase the productivity and time-saving. The guy from, developed this framework. It is available for download under MIT License.

Read the complete details from

Go to Download page .

One framework for All Media Types – “Strobe”

I know, this is very late to introduce the new media framework “Strobe” from Adobe. Excellent and innovative features of Strobe are countless.  Here is the official snapshot for you from Adobe,


Strobe is an open AS3 media framework that supports the workflow around video playback and monetization. Video players have different features set. The skins are different and the integration is different as well as the architecture workflow. But they essentially do the same thing and can be created using the Strobe framework. ”

The video quality is excellent from this Strobe Media framework.  I know the complexity of creating Media Video Player through Action Script, but when I read the features of “Strobe”, I really stunned for some moment. Since it supports many more formats currently running in the market. Also the High-End support with FMS ( Flash Media Server ) and other Media Servers, is the nice feature of Strobe.

Here is the freaky snap of Strobe’s supported devices,


It has been solved many issues faced by the Flash Video Player Developers. This is really a good news for the developers like me. The foundation of the framework is Qos (quality of service), which focuses on OVP (Open Video Player)  and provides a quick start for playing videos (smallest buffer size needed to start the video), efficient connection logic, and switching bitrates dynamically (recall metric monitor service in OVP).

Hope this  will make the revolution in the Streaming Media

Read the complete details about interesting “Strobe” framework,

Adobe’s Site for Strobe

Elad Elrom Article from InsideRIA

CNET Official Site Review

Open Source Flash Platform RIA

I’m really excited when I read some article on Open Source RIA development in Flash Platform .. Yes, Sourceforge’s project of the month June is “Silex”, coming to rock the RIA apps in the world.


“Silex is an open source RIA that enables you to build Flash websites for Flash Player 7, 8, 9, and 10. Silex is a new kind of CMS, a mix between an editing software like the Adobe Creative Suite, and Wiki based software. All multimedia file formats — images of all kinds, texts, videos with chapters and subtitles, audio and playlists, 3D animations, .pdf files, etc. can be assembled in Silex WYSIWYG editor to publish online, on a local computer, or on a CD-R. Silex can be used to display all types of data — either static or dynamic — from text files, databases, a CMS, blog, Web TVs, etc. HTML and Flash are both supported by Silex. Search engine support is provided by generating an HTML equivalent on the fly of the contents of Silex web sites as if they were HTML web sites”.

This is really an interesting news for all the RIA developers.

Read more from the Official Site of Click here to Enjoy the reality of Silex from its official site.  ( Adobe Flash Player Plug-in is required )

Adobe MAX Awards waiting for U

I know this is too late to inform about this Opportunity.

Adobe MAX awards waiting for  you in a BIGGER WAY.

Adobe MAX Awards

Adobe MAX Awards

From MAX Awards: “The annual Adobe MAX Awards is a global awards program that recognizes the best uses of Adobe software for creating engaging experiences. “

MAX Awards 2009,


If you’re using Adobe Products in a Creative way, then rush to submit your nomination @ Adobe    MAX Awards Site..
You will be a Great Winner. with Exciting prizes.
Don’t you use the Adobe Products… Don’t worry.. you too have the chance to win a big prize by Nominating other’s projects (Projecting others talent to the world)

Awards Categories : Advertising & Branding, Education, Enterprise Productivity, Entertainment,  Mobile, Public Sector, Social Computing, and Social Responsibility.

Checkout  Adobe MAX site for more details.

Watch MAX 2008 Award winners.
Register your name and project.

Coolest Sony Ericsson T715 Slider Phone

I have seen some Sony Ericssion in some sites through ads. It was nice and cool look. Let’s share some of those snaps for you. Perfect look and handy.

Sony Ericsson is out with a new slider phone namely the T715, which is available in two different versions: Sony Ericsson T715 (with quad-band GSM and 2100 HSPA), and Sony Ericsson T715a (with quad-band GSM and 850/1900/2100 HSPA). As for the specs itself, you’ll find a 2.2-inch QVGA display with 256K colors, a 3.2MP camera with Photo light, a new UI feature, a music player, a Stereo FM radio with RDS, Google Maps, a 90MB of internal memory, a microSD card slot and Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP. Sony Ericsson T715 and T715a will hit the market starting the third quarter of 2009, in two color versions: Galaxy Silver and Rouge Pink for unannounced price yet.

Be ready for the purchase and budget ! ! !